2019-20 School Supplies

Dear Parents & Guardians of Glade Hill Students,

Attached is a complete school supply needs list for the 2019-20 School Year. The lists will still be posted at Walmart, but will also be on our Facebook page as well as the school’s Facebook page. While some may still wait for the tax-free weekend to do their shopping, good deals at office supply stores and mass merchants are usually available all year.

Because of the low participation in fundraising last year, we were not able to successfully budget in all of or most of the items as in previous years. What we have obtained are the #2 pencils as the teachers have a preference on the type and the PRIMARY composition notebooks as they are difficult to find and usually expensive. The regular composition books on the list should still be acquired by families.

We still have supplies coming to us from the Pack the Bus Event at Wal-Mart in August, local church(es) and business(es) that may have collections, and families looking to help sponsor a student who needs supplies. If you would like to either (1) sponsor a student that needs assistance in acquiring supplies, or (2) need assistance with acquiring supplies for your student, please contact us. Forms will also be made available in the office.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at (409) 240-9221 or at info@gladehillpto.com. On behalf of the PTO of Glade Hill Elementary, thank you for your help for our school this past year and we look forward to seeing everyone again in August!

Thursday, August 8th (Business Day)    
10 AM – 6 PM        

Monday, August 12th (Students Start School)


Glade Hill Elementary PTO

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